Bitcoin Tracking in Scotland Since 2020 Hits Dead End

  • Scotland’s first case tracking stolen bitcoin hits dead end

Following a robbery involving a weaponized Toblerone and a machete, police in Scotland have admitted that the $200,000 in stolen Bitcoin will most likely never be recovered. In addition, one of the raided victims has been charged with online fraud. 

In 2020, three masked persons in a Scottish home raid forcibly moved $200,000 in Bitcoin to a cryptocurrency wallet. The three persons allegedly brandished a machete and hit one of the victims over the head with a huge personalized Toblerone. 

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In what was billed as Scotland’s first case of bitcoin robbery involving tracing, police linked the stolen cryptocurrency to the wallet of 29-year-old Lanarkshire man John-Ross Rennie. Despite tracking the cryptocurrency to Rennie, authorities said they have yet to seize the stolen cash.

According to Glasgow Live, Detective Inspector Craig Potter stated that the seizure “depends on the funds being there and being able to access them.” In this situation, by the time we got to Mr. Rennie, the cash had been moved out.”

Two men and women were reportedly victims of the robbery. According to reports, one of the victims is now facing legal prosecution for their alleged involvement in internet fraud. 

Last Friday, Rennie was convicted of reset, which is the act of knowingly holding illegally obtained items. He was not there during the robbery and said he had no knowledge of it. The three masked men involved in the raid have yet to be apprehended.

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