Justin Sun Announces Airdrop HTX Poloniex Users Following Hack

Following the recent cybersecurity breaches of HTX and Poloniex, Justin Sun has announced an “epic airdrop” for users with assets on these platforms. The move comes as a gesture of goodwill and support to those affected by the hacks.

The airdrop is part of a broader strategy to mitigate the financial impact on users after Poloniex’s hot wallets were compromised, leading to an estimated loss of $114 million. Additionally, HTX faced a $30 million loss in a security breach on Nov. 22. 

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These incidents are among a series of attacks that have targeted Sun-related businesses over the past months, with the largest being the Poloniex exchange exploit, where hackers stole approximately $100 million due to a private key compromise earlier in November​​​​​​.

In response to the Poloniex attack, Sun has also offered a 5% deal to the attackers, effectively providing a “white-hat bounty” for the return of the stolen funds. This unconventional approach indicates Sun’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by such security breaches​​.

Both HTX and Poloniex are also preparing to resume normal operations, with plans to reopen deposits and withdrawals. 

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