Indigo Launches GPT-4-Powered Chatbot, 6Eskai In Indian Aviation

  • IndiGo introduces AI chatbot 6Eskai, powered by GPT-4, to revolutionize customer service in Indian aviation.
  • 6Eskai addresses queries in ten languages, reducing customer service agent workload by 75%.
  • Air India and IndiGo lead the way in adopting AI for enhanced passenger experiences, with multilingual chatbots and efficient query handling.

In a significant leap forward in the realm of Indian aviation, IndiGo, the country’s largest airline, has unveiled a cutting-edge AI chat assistant, 6Eskai, powered by GPT-4 technology. 

This innovative chatbot, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, is poised to reshape the passenger experience by efficiently handling customer queries in ten different languages. 

With a staggering 1.7 trillion parameters, 6Eskai is well-equipped to address a wide range of passenger inquiries, promising to reduce the workload of customer service agents by a remarkable 75%.

IndiGo’s adoption of artificial intelligence for customer-facing operations places it among the pioneers of AI implementation in the Indian aviation sector. 

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Following in the footsteps of Air India, which introduced its own generative AI virtual agent, Maharaja, earlier this month, IndiGo’s 6Eskai marks a significant milestone in harnessing AI’s potential to enhance customer service in the industry.

IndiGo’s in-house digital team partnered with Microsoft to create 6Eskai, a next-generation AI chat assistant driven by GPT-4 technology. 

This collaborative effort has resulted in a chatbot that not only breaks language barriers but also offers what IndiGo describes as “a first-of-a-kind platform for booking tickets across the entire network.”

One of 6Eskai’s standout features is its multilingual capabilities, allowing it to effortlessly converse with passengers in ten different languages. This multilingual prowess is expected to cater to the diverse traveler base in India and further enhance the airline’s appeal.

6Eskai’s remarkable proficiency is underpinned by its staggering 1.7 trillion parameters. These parameters empower the chatbot to provide solutions to an extensive array of passenger queries. 

IndiGo’s team of data scientists invested significant effort in researching generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) to create a chatbot that not only answers questions but also replicates human interactions, recognizes emotions, and adds a touch of humor to engagements.

At the core of this technological innovation lies the primary objective of reducing the workload for IndiGo’s customer service agents. 

Early data from the chatbot’s soft launch reveals an impressive 75% reduction in the workload, demonstrating its effectiveness in streamlining customer service processes.

6Eskai brings simplicity to ticket booking and offers an array of services to passengers. It guides customers through the booking process using natural language, making it more accessible and user-friendly. 

Additionally, the chatbot excels in applying promotional discounts, booking add-ons, facilitating web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, aiding in trip planning, and addressing common questions and doubts.

IndiGo’s recent unveiling of 6Eskai follows closely on the heels of Air India’s introduction of its own generative AI virtual agent, Maharaja. Maharaja, a multilingual chatbot capable of communicating in Hindi, English, German, and French, handles over 6,000 daily queries. 

Air India reports that it responds to the majority of questions within a mere 80 seconds, with only 15% of inquiries requiring transfer to human contact center staff.

Both Air India and IndiGo have emerged as leaders in shaping the next phase of Indian aviation. Beyond AI chat assistants, these airlines have made substantial aircraft orders, expanded international networks, and positioned themselves as early adopters of artificial intelligence. 

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As the aviation industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen when other Indian airlines will catch up to these trailblazers.

The introduction of 6Eskai by IndiGo represents a remarkable step forward in enhancing passenger experiences through AI-driven solutions. 

With its multilingual capabilities, extensive parameters, and focus on reducing customer service workloads, 6Eskai sets a new standard for airlines in India and beyond. 

As travelers increasingly seek seamless and efficient interactions with airlines, IndiGo’s cutting-edge chatbot signals a promising future where technology transforms the way we engage with aviation services.

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