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Introducing Redefining Crypto Derivatives with Cutting-Edge Analytics and Risk Management Solution

London, 30 April 2024 –, a pioneer in the cryptocurrency derivatives industry, is excited to announce its most recent offering: the Analytics & Risk Management solution for crypto options. This revolutionary technology aims to transform how traders and investors manage the volatile crypto derivatives landscape.


Unlocking insights through comprehensive derivatives data and analytics

The solution is built around a wealth of data. Users can obtain market data from both historical and real-time options. Here’s what to expect:

Thorough Analysis: Dive deep into the complexities of cryptocurrency derivatives. Whether you’re an experienced trader or a curious explorer, our extensive analytics allow you to make informed judgments.

Strategic insights: The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. With real-time data, you’ll be ahead of the competition. Understand market patterns, volatility, and opportunities as never before.


Accurate pricing and custom-designed products simplifies pricing for both basic and exotic choices. Imagine having the ability to develop custom-structured items effortlessly.

Here’s how.

Vanilla Options: Accurate pricing guarantees that you’re constantly on track. Customize your strategies precisely.

Exotic Options: Break away from the ordinary. Explore exotic choices and adjust them to your risk tolerance.


Risk management: your shield in volatile waters.

Crypto derivatives markets can be volatile.’s Risk Management System serves as your watchdog.

Real-time Monitoring: Monitor your situations closely. The platform offers immediate risk evaluations. Whether you’re on a single exchange or dealing with many currencies, we’ve got you covered.

Portfolio Stability: Strengthen your portfolio’s foundation. Proactively control risk with ease. No more restless nights worrying about market fluctuations. 

Risk Reporting: Take a bird’s-eye view. The risk reporting option examines your entire portfolio or certain portions. Valuable insights are at your fingertips.


Who benefits?

Fund Managers: Navigate the crypto maze with confidence. tools help you improve portfolios and maximize results. Informed decisions result in success.

Prop traders: Speed is important. You’ll trade more effectively with access to historical and live options data. Vanilla or exotics, price them easily.

Risk Managers: Protect stability by assessing risk metrics and pricing choices in real-time to stay ahead of market volatility.


About is at the forefront of innovation in the Bitcoin derivatives industry. Their cutting-edge tools enable consumers to traverse the crypto realm with confidence.

Visit the website to learn more about’s Derivatives Analytics and Risk Management solution.

The press release focuses on’s new solution, emphasizing its features, benefits, and user-centered approach.

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