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In-Depth Look: BEFE Coin’s Superiority Over PEPE and SHIBA INU Analyzed

The meme currency craze has been observed in the crypto enthusiast community since the inception of the first meme coin in the market. People like to buy some meme coins and share them as a joke or parody situation. Coins like Shiba Inu and PEPE coin increased their market cap with just one notion, that is, how much can people invest in a cryptocurrency just for the sake of it. 

But as the hype gets over, the investments in such coins turn to dust. On the other hand, the currencies like BEFE coin make it out of the market as a profitable and utility tool for investors. The BEFE coin also started out as a meme currency but has now grown to become one of the largest tools of the meme currency universe. Let’s find out what is so special about this currency and why is it better than Shiba Inu and PEPE coin. 


Understanding What Makes BEFE Coin Better? 

Shiba Inu was created as a meme currency that represented a dog while the PEPE coin represented a frog. These currencies were created just for the sake of humour and parody in the community. The investors invested a lot of money into these currencies at first and with the limited supply, their prices shot through the sky. But as the craze got over, the portfolios were sold out and these meme coins never turned out great for the market. 

BEFE coin has taken a different approach than this for the market capture. The BEFE coin works on meme materials as well as improving the utility of the token. This means that the people can share it as a meme currency with one another but the BEFE coin also has a lot of use cases. 

The BEFE coin has partnered with the Bitgert chain which provides the fastest transaction speeds to the coin at affordable transaction costs. The BEFE coin is already built on the Ethereum chain and is EVM compatible too. This means that the users can implement smart contracts using this coin. The phase 5 announcements of the BEFE coin also included the backing of the Solana chain for the token. This means that the users of the BEFE coin now have a lot of options for the utility of the token. These features have thus made the BEFE coin a highly anticipated option to invest in. 


The Market Performance of BEFE Coin

The BEFE coin has taken a different path than the Shiba Inu and PEPE coins in terms of market capture. Initially, these coins were able to jump up too high too fast because of exponential investments. But the faster they rose, the harder they fell. BEFE coin, on the other hand, is trying to attract investments through strategic methods. 

The BEFE coin has collaborated with a lot of crypto projects to ensure that the utility of this token keeps increasing. This way, the investment into the token is completely backed up and secure. The market indicators thus confirm that the BEFE coin is getting the required attention too. The experts predict that the BEFE coin may even cross the $1 mark soon and make huge profits for the investors in the meantime. 



This is the right time to invest in a currency like the BEFE coin as its KPI scores are at a great position. The RSI stands over 55, MACD at a positive value and the trading volume keeps increasing. These are all in favour of the BEFE coin and attract more investments into the coin. 

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