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AppLayer Unveils Fastest EVM Network and $1.5M Network Incentive Program

Panama City, Panama, May 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

AppLayer has unveiled the fastest and most robust infrastructure for scaling Ethereum-based applications, a cutting-edge blockchain that not only delivers lightning-fast transaction speeds but also offers a new approach to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) development for both DeFi and GameFi developers.

AppLayer offers an EVM network that’s 10 times faster than standard Golang based EVM networks and an even more amazing 65 times execution speed boost with C++ stateful pre-compiles. Imagine having both the speediest EVM in the game and the best tools to build on it – that’s what AppLayer brings to the table!

The Game Changer: Stateful Pre-compiled Smart Contracts

AppLayer is not only a speed powerhouse but also allows for comprehensive composability with game-changing stateful pre-compiles that are a cornerstone of this release, offering an unmatched ability to process complex smart contracts at unprecedented speeds.

But what does this mean for everyday users and developers? It’s simple: AppLayer’s network brings the power of advanced blockchain technology right to the user’s fingertips. Developers can now create their own stateful pre-compiles as smart contracts with features and syntax that are identical to Solidity, but with the added turbo-charge of C++ performance.

The real excitement stems from the intricate workings of AppLayer’s network with these Stateful Pre-compiles. Solidity smart contracts no longer function in isolation but interact with and build upon these ultra-fast pre-compiles. This enhances the sophistication, power, and efficiency of blockchain applications, marking a significant shift in the landscape of decentralization.

The best part for developers is the ease of transition to this high-performance environment. AppLayer allows developers to effortlessly convert their existing Solidity code into C++ with nearly identical syntax, unlocking the potential for more complex and scalable dApps. This feature is especially vital for blockchain projects hitting performance limitations in traditional EVM environments.

AppLayer takes it further with rdPoS (random deterministic Proof of Stake) – a unique consensus mechanism that amplifies network security while ensuring ultra-efficient transaction processing. This ingenious combination of stateful pre-compiles and rdPoS turns AppLayer into a robust platform perfect for handling high-scale and intricate applications.

As Itamar Carvalho, CTO at AppLayer, stated at ETHDenver 2024, “AppLayer is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution. We’re empowering developers to build without boundaries, pushing the limits of what’s possible in blockchain application development.”

AppLayer stands as a testament to innovation, redefining the standards of blockchain development and opening new horizons in the gaming sector, decentralized finance, and beyond. With its combination of speed, efficiency, and developer-friendly features, AppLayer is poised to become a leading force in the blockchain space.

Expanding EVM Horizons with the Testnet Launch

The next exciting phase for AppLayer is the deployment of its testnet, complete with a front-end user portal coming in June and up to $1.5 million in incentives available now. This stage invites developers to push the boundaries of their existing Solidity code into a more robust, scalable environment. The more unique and intricate the transactions, the greater the reward, fostering a creative and efficient ecosystem.

AppLayer is now inviting developers to participate in its incentivized testnet. With a unique rewards system based on user activity and creativity, AppLayer is fostering a vibrant and innovative developer community.

“We are excited to see what developers will build on AppLayer. This is an opportunity to reshape the landscape of blockchain applications,” said Carvalho.

The AppLayer testnet not only represents a pivotal moment for blockchain innovation but also a unique opportunity for both crypto enthusiasts and developers. Whether the user is looking to explore cutting-edge projects on the fastest EVM or the user is a developer eager to build on this revolutionary platform, AppLayer’s testnet is their gateway to opportunity and rewards.

Build on the AppLayer Testnet to Unlock Grants

Developers, on the other hand, are invited to bring their creativity and technical skills to the forefront. Build on AppLayer, the fastest EVM network, and receive $APPL token grants as recognition of the user’s innovative contributions.

With up to 100,000,000 $APPL tokens available for allocation to projects, the potential for reward is substantial. Additionally, for every $APPL token a project distributes to users, an equal amount is granted back to the project, forming a cycle of innovation and reward that continues through to the mainnet launch.

The most engaging and interacted-with projects may be eligible for additional allocations, incentivizing not just development but also user engagement. This is a testnet that rewards utilization and creativity, pushing for more unique and complex smart contracts.

For more information on the Grants Program and how to participate, users can fill out an application to get started and become a part of this transformative phase in blockchain development. Users can discover, build, and earn with AppLayer – where the future of blockchain is being shaped today.

About AppLayer:

AppLayer (formerly SparqNet) is a C++ based Ethereum scaling solution where developers can deploy Solidity smart contracts and C++ programmed stateful pre-compiles as smart contracts. In AppLayer, Solidity smart contracts are 10 times faster than those in Golang-based competing networks, and stateful pre-compiles are 65 times faster.






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