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Breaking News: Bitgert Coin Surges as the New Favorite Crypto

The news trending in the crypto market is about the surging price of the Bitgert coin which has also become many crypto trader’s favorites in a short time since its launch. Taking a closer look at this achievement over the past weeks, you’ll realize this is not an easy one for a crypto coin that just launched a few months ago. But at the rate the Bitgert coin is going, it could become a better coin than any other one in the market. 

The recent surge in the price of Bitgert coin could be seen as the action of investors engaging the crypto asset. But, on another note, this could be a result of the deflationary mechanism of the Bitgert coin in action. If you are not familiar with the Bitgert deflationary mechanism, then you have a lot to learn about this coin moving towards becoming the next big thing.

Come closer, let’s talk about the deflationary mechanism adding fuel to the fire of investors’ trades in the last weeks. As well as a look into the other mechanisms currently making Bitgert the investor’s favorite.


How Bitgert Coin Is Actively Getting 12% Better After Every Trade

While reading about the features of Bitgert, before you read 5 articles you would have noticed how bitgert is ruling the crypto market through innovation. But one thing begs the better attention, and this is the 12% burning mechanism which aims to make the Bitgert coin 12% better after every trade.

To make this more meaningful, what you need to know is that for every transaction that is done with Bitgert, it destroys 12% of that trade in the total supply. This move creates scarcity which continues to make bitgert better every day. Hence, as more investors join, the 12% burning rate makes their investment 12% better immediately.


The Bitgert Innovations Everyone Is Talking About

At this point, everyone knows that at the mention of innovation in the altcoin market, Bitgert is the leading coin to think of. But, what are these innovations that everyone has been talking about? Faster Transaction Speed and zero gas fee take most of the glory.

The transaction speed when trading Bitgert is almost faster than any internet speed which makes it an instant execution. We are looking at a speed faster than any other coin in the market right now including Ethereum, Solana, and every other altcoin. This is paving the way for its recognition and popularity which makes it many people’s favorite already. About the gas fees, just know it’s an absolute zero for every Bitgert coin trade. 

This is an absolute game-changer right now, but it promises to get better in the future. 

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