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STYLE Protocol building to empower Gamers Closes $2.5M Seed and Lists Token on Major Exchanges

  • $STYLE now available on Bitget, MEXC and Uniswap
  • Token allows owners to transform NFTs into assets used in any game
  • Protocol builds on Polkadot for true interoperability and scalability

MAY 6, 2024 — Switzerland

STYLE Protocol, which transforms NFTs into 3D assets that can be used in any game or metaverse, has listed its native utility token on major exchanges.

The cutting-edge digital asset — $STYLE — made its debut on Bitget and MEXC, and is also available on the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Holding this token unlocks access to the protocol’s exclusive products, and makes in-game assets including objects and weapons truly interoperable in other titles.

Imagine collecting a rare skin in Sandbox, and being able to use it in any other virtual environment. Imagine being able to transform your favorite NFT into a living, breathing character. Imagine being able to type in a prompt for an avatar you want to create, with AI designing it for you in seconds. We’re making all of this possible on our world-leading platform — and the $STYLE token means you can get involved.

STYLE Protocol’s meticulously designed infrastructure means non-fungible tokens can become truly multi-world assets that are bridged across blockchains. Other powerful applications are available, including the ability to multiply blue-chip collectibles across virtual worlds. For example, this could allow a Bored Ape owner to rent their NFT out as an in-game avatar — and unlock brand-new revenue streams in the process.

The listing of $STYLE is only the beginning, with even more exhilarating features set to be added to the protocol in the not-too-distant future. Key objectives include rolling out compatibility for further games and Web3 environments, and continuing to tear down the silos that exist between operating systems and games.

All of this comes hot on the heels of STYLE Protocol raising $2.5 million in seed funding to further its mission. An all-star cast of prominent investors took part — including Morningstar Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, GBV Capital, Protocol Labs and Alpha Ventures — a powerful illustration of the potential and excitement surrounding this new ecosystem.

Making VR adoption a reality

STYLE Protocol is ready to level up the world of gaming like never before, and allow players to achieve the impossible.

The platform builds on Polkadot, which creates a “blockchain of blockchains” that champions interoperability — just like STYLE Protocol. Being based on this network means the project can capture interest across a plethora of EVM-compatible chains — Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche among them. And as Web3 continues to go from strength to strength, $STYLE is the only token in town that delivers the future of GameFi: a unified world where digital assets are no longer fragmented.

Avid gamers have already been transporting their Azukis into GTA V for heart-pumping stunt races and strategic heists — breathing new life into the game. And STYLE Protocol believes that its technology will spark renewed interest in beloved titles by providing a degree of personalization that wasn’t possible before.

STYLE Protocol founder Leo Hilse said: “When it comes to virtual reality and the metaverse, we’re so early. Expensive VR headsets are only available to a few right now, but they’re on the cusp of becoming mainstream. STYLE Protocol is tackling a key barrier to adoption before it becomes an issue: making sure that any in-game item or NFT can travel between virtual worlds, just like a player sitting in their living room would. It takes hours of skill or a significant amount of cash for a gamer to earn rare items, and we want to ensure they get value for money by being able to take it with them wherever they go.”

About STYLE Protocol

STYLE aims to help gamers transcend identity across the multiverse — meaning NFTs and other virtual assets can be used in any game, anywhere. The protocol’s focus on interoperability is designed to enhance adoption, tear down barriers to entry, and deliver a world-class experience for players.

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