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ValueZone Launches Comprehensive Suite of AI-Driven Trading Bots for Cryptocurrency Markets

ValueZone, a leading innovator in cryptocurrency trading technology, today announced the launch of its new platform featuring a range of AI-driven trading bots designed to optimize trading strategies across diverse cryptocurrency exchanges. This platform provides detailed trading strategies tailored to both new and experienced traders, aiming to enhance market performance through automation.

Upon entering ValueZone’s platform, users are guided through a simple step-by-step tutorial that begins with navigating to the Plan Page. Here, traders can explore a selection of trading bots, each offering unique strategies that adapt to varying market dynamics. This user-centric approach simplifies the selection process, allowing traders to choose strategies that best fit their trading goals and experience levels.


Subscription Plans and Features

ValueZone’s subscription plans cater to a broad spectrum of market participants, from beginners to advanced traders, through structured offerings:


  1. AI Crypto Bot Free Experience: Priced at $50 per unit for a one-day duration, this plan is crafted for beginners. Participants can explore the functionalities of automated trading without a significant upfront investment.


  1. AI High-Frequency Trading Strategies: At $100 per unit, this two-day plan is suitable for traders looking for quick, efficient market engagements, offering a straightforward approach to high-frequency trading.


  1. AI Statistical Arbitrage Strategies: For $500 per unit, this plan lasts three days and is designed for those interested in statistical arbitrage, promising a more analytical approach to trading with potential incremental gains.


  1. AI Cross-Market Arbitrage Strategy: This seven-day strategy costs $1,500 per unit, focuses on cross-market opportunities, and is ideal for traders seeking comprehensive market coverage.


  1. Higher Investment Plans: For serious traders, ValueZone offers more intensive plans such as the AI Short-Term CTA Strategy ($3,000 for 10 days), AI Quantitative Hedging Strategy ($15,000 for 25 days), and AI Capital Weighted Portfolio Strategy ($35,000 for 30 days), among others. These plans are designed to cater to sophisticated trading needs with longer durations and potentially higher returns, emphasizing the platform’s capability to manage significant trading volumes effectively.


Each plan includes specific profit potentials and structured payouts that occur every 24 hours, ensuring that participants have consistent and predictable returns on their activities. Advanced plans also offer referral awards, fostering a community-driven approach to growth and engagement within the platform.


Platform Advantages and Security Focus

In addition to its comprehensive trading tools, ValueZone offers a $50 welcome bonus for new sign-ups, reinforcing its commitment to providing value from the start. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, extensive support for various exchanges, and features like SmartTrade and copy trading which enhance trading convenience and efficiency.

Recent enhancements to the platform’s security measures have been implemented to address concerns and strengthen trust among its user base. ValueZone is dedicated to continuously improving its service offerings to ensure a secure, reliable, and efficient trading environment.


About ValueZone

Operated by INVESTMENT BLOCKCHAIN COMPANY LTD, ValueZone is dedicated to advancing the crypto trading experience through innovative solutions. Located in Woodford Green, Essex, England, the company emphasizes the development of tools that optimize trading strategies, reduce market risks, and improve the overall trading performance for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

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