Unprecedented Growth: Bitgert Coin Expected to Soar by +400% This Week!

The price movement of the Bitgert coin could be taking a whole new direction this week. There is a great expectation that the Bitgert coin will reach a new price projection of about 400% this week. Investors, traders, and the Bitgert community are preparing for this unprecedented move. It is easier to see why this move might be long overdue if you have followed the Bitgert project for a few weeks. This includes its partnership with fast-growing crypto projects, expansion of its marketplace, rising number of investors, and, of course, its innovations. 

Early investors have enjoyed an ROI of over 40,000 of their investment, which does not remove the fact that they have also been getting impressive monthly ROI. However, with the recent growth in the popularity of cryptocurrency, new users are actively looking for the best project to invest in. Bitgert presents itself as the best altcoin to invest in. The rising number of new users joining Bitgert is giving it a massive potential for a price surge before the end of this week. 

Here is why the 400% price surge predicted for this week could be possible.


Bitgert Centralized Exchange Providing Seamless Exchange For New Users

First, you must understand the difference between a Centralized and Decentralized exchange. A centralized exchange acts as a middleman to ensure the best deal and ease of access to any crypto asset you want to buy. A decentralized exchange, on the other hand, removes the middleman by connecting you to the blockchain. 

While cryptocurrency has built its reputation on being decentralized, a centralized exchange makes transactions with cryptocurrency easier and faster. Remember how you have to remember some passphrase to log into your wallet? That’s a decentralized Exchange. A Decentralized Exchange has nothing to do with your money; you often don’t buy crypto coins on a decentralized Exchange. 

With Bitgert as a centralized exchange, it is easier for new crypto users to handle and trade crypto assets, with more emphasis on the Bitgert coin.


Buy And Sell With Ease Using The Bitgert Coin

The Bitgert coin e-commerce engagement just got a lot better. You can connect your wallet to the marketplace, where you can quickly pay for everything you buy with the Bitgert coin. Hold! It doesn’t end there; you can also set up an e-commerce store to sell your product and be paid with the Bitgert coin.

All this buying and selling points to the same thing for the Bitgert coin: increased demand and trade volume. With the way the Bitgert market has been expanding lately, the trading volume is expected to cause a surge that will see the price surpass 400% before this week ends.

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