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BItgert: The Rising Star of the Crypto Market

The crypto market is back in action, with top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum registering gains in the past few days. Bitcoin is again above the $70K mark, while Ethereum has maintained its sprint after the Ethereum ETF announcement. 

The correction phase saw major altcoins lose profits in multiples of the market decline. However, a few coins successfully tested the correction phase and came out with flying colors. Bitgert is one such token. 

BItgert registered gains throughout May, and June looks brighter for the layer-1 blockchain known for its formidable transaction throughput of 100K TPS and zero transaction fees. Bitgert is giving tough competition to the layer-1s with monolithic architecture and sluggish pace.  Itgert is highly scalable, secure, and fast and is becoming a favorite among developers. Developers and founders can find a whole suite of tools to work with and build their applications on Bitgert. 

Bitgert hosts many such platforms and dApps on its BRISE chain and is a favorite among developers. Bitgert’s DeFi partners include names like Chainlist, Dextools, Coinhub, Icecreamswap, etc. Bitgert’s exchange partners include almost all the big names, such as Kucoin, WazirX, Bitfinex, BitMart, MEXC Global, Huobi, Bitget, Giottus, etc. 

Besides, Bitgert is an ecosystem with an all-in-one interface for anyone who wants to own digital assets in any known form. It has a whole lot of capabilities, such as:


  •  Its newly launched zero-trading fee CEX
  • Bitgert P2P marketplace
  • Local Bitgert—P2P crypto exchange
  • PayBrise—Brise Payment gateway
  • Geo Web3 real estate marketplace. 


Bitgert has made a formidable trajectory of partnerships and integrations with industry leaders. Bitgert collaborates with leading names as strategic partners. 


  • Camelot Protocol, a Layer 3 blockchain utilizing idle GPU power for AI model training on mobile and wearable devices within the Bitcoin ecosystem
  • Habit Network, the world’s first Layer 3 solution for everyday use cases in gaming, commerce, and entertainment
  • UniPort Network, the Omni-chain interoperability protocol for Bitcoin ecosystem
  • GoAction, a deflationary project that rewards users for cycling and walking
  • Billions Quest, a stock fantasy game built on Polygon
  • Ontology Blockchain, a high-speed, low-cost public blockchain
  • StableHODL, a staking platform 
  • War of Coins, the fast-paced option trading platform

Bitgert’s token BRISE has performed well ever since the 2021 launch. BRISE has withstood the bear market and rewarded its early investors with An ROI  of 40000%. Experts predict the coin will once again pull off a spectacular rally in the coming days and reach a target of $0.0001. 

The technical signals point to a building rally and factors are ripe for BItgert to push for a massive bull run. If you are an investor seeking to build your portfolio and see it grow, invest in Bitgert today. 

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