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CGMD miners redefine passive income opportunities with innovative cloud mining

June 10, 2020, CGMD miners are pioneering a transformative approach to the digital asset industry, democratizing the cryptocurrency mining space by introducing a revolutionary cloud mining solution. This breakthrough development aims to make the process of mining digital currency acceptable to a wider audience by simplifying and eliminating human involvement.

Founded in 2020, CGMD Miner is a licensed cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that has made significant strides in the blockchain space. The company has a robust, state-of-the-art mining infrastructure at industrial facilities in the UK, Russia, and Canada and currently serves over 385,000 users worldwide.

CGMD Miners strives to democratize cryptocurrency mining by providing an accessible platform that requires a minimum initial deposit, enabling users to start their cryptocurrency business without a large investment. The platform simplifies the start-up process with a quick and easy sign-up procedure, allowing users to start mining bitcoins within minutes.

CGMD Miner also provides daily income from cloud computing contracts and offers multiple withdrawal methods on its website. Recognizing the volatility of the industry, CGMD Miner also ensures flexibility by allowing users to leave the cloud mining industry at any time, creating an autonomous and risk-managed environment.

Mr. Sergey Balakin, the co-founder of CGMD Miner, explains: “CGMD Miner aims to make cryptocurrency mining easy, efficient, and secure for everyone. Our mission is to democratize the process And empower individuals regardless of their technical knowledge or resources.”

To alleviate the complexities and large upfront investments associated with cryptocurrency mining, CGMD miners have designed multiple cloud mining plans. Each of these packages offers a user-friendly experience, transparent reporting of mining activity, and automatic daily payouts.

CGMD Miner’s lucrative cloud mining packages include:

Free Cloud Mining: Pricing is $10/1 day, offering a risk-free opportunity to explore the world of mining with a fixed return of $10.3.

Experience Project Cloud Mining: The price is US$100 for 2 days, designed for experienced users, with a fixed return of US$106.

Litecoin Cloud Mining: $500 for 7 days, tailor-made for Litecoin enthusiasts, with a guaranteed fixed income of $538.5.

Litecoin Cloud Mining Pro: Priced at $1,000 for 15 days, capitalize on the success of Litecoin Cloud Mining Pro with a fixed return of $1195.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining: Priced at $3,000 for 20 days, designed for extended mining periods with a fixed return of $3,900.

LTC Cloud Mining Pro: Priced at $5,000 for 30 days, allowing you to maximize your earnings with fixed returns of $7,550.

Each package is carefully curated to meet the needs of different investors, further ensuring the platform is inclusive. Users can easily monitor their mining activities and withdraw earnings, ensuring a seamless mining journey from start to finish.

Participation is further encouraged by new users receiving $10 immediately upon registration. CGMD Miner protects user funds and personal data through strong security measures, including DDoS and SSL protection systems, while providing comprehensive 24/7 online support.

One of the standout features of CGMD Miner is the unique affiliate program that offers a 3% lifetime reward for every referral. CGMD miner contact Michael Junius (Mr. Sergey Balakin) explained: “The referral link they provide will become a lifetime referral for new users who register through them. As a referrer, users will receive referral rewards for purchases.”

CGMD Miners’ progressive approach will redefine the cryptocurrency mining industry, bridging the gap between the complex world of cryptocurrency mining and the average individual. This revolution ensures that digital currency mining is not just limited to a privileged few, but becomes a profitable venture for everyone.

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About CGMD Mining Machine

CGMD Mining Machinery, headquartered at 65 Compton Street, London, UK, EC1V 0BN, is a licensed cloud mining company with a large technology park and professional Bitcoin mining equipment. Since its founding in 2020, the company has focused on providing individuals around the world with ways to earn cryptocurrency. CGMD Miners believes in bringing together a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making the most of the growing digital currency industry.

CGMD miners can enter “CGMD” in the Google App Store or Apple Store to download the application.

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