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Greetings, KOMmunity! Get ready for some exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Kommunitas Secure IKO. If you’re new to this, no problem — simply click this link to get acquainted with the specifics of our Secure IKO. Up next, brace yourselves for our captivating project, VinuChain! Stay tuned for what promises to be an incredible journey!

VinuChain is a cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem built on a DAG ledger structure, providing fast transactions, scalability, and most importantly, a determinable fee less experience. It rewards stakers for liquidity provision and supports smart contracts and decentralized applications. Discover the power of feeless transactions with VinuChain, redefining the way we interact with blockchain technology.

  • P2P Payments & Remittances: Fast and free P2P payments for settling purchases, sending money to friends and family, and cross-border remittances.
  • Supply Chain Management: Real-time monitoring of goods throughout the supply chain, improving transparency and security.
  • Gaming: Feeless in-game trading of items or currency, fostering stronger gaming communities, and providing the structural scalability to grow alongside developers.
  • Microtransactions: Unlocking the Web3 micropayments economy, offering content creators new monetization opportunities via zero-fee social tipping or micro-subscriptions.
  • Decentralized Applications (dApps): VinuChain’s feeless transactions offer developers opportunities to explore novel and innovative approaches that can fuel growth and profitability in new ways.
  • Layer 1: VinuChain is the foundational layer of a distributed ledger, providing the infrastructure for transactions, consensus, and smart contract execution at high performance and scalability. Building at Layer 1 enables all of the above use-cases and more.

You can learn more about VinuChain by checking out their whitepaper. More details, insights, and activities will be shared across both Kommunitas and VinuChain channels or discord.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the VinuChain IKO schedule on Kommunitas:

  • Participation is exclusive to voters and whitelisted addresses only.
  • Ensure you have KOMV tokens to cast your vote. A guide here is available here to assist you in acquiring $KOMV tokens.
  • Your allocation in Booster 1 is directly proportional to the amount of KOM tokens you staked — the more you stake, the higher the allocation.
  • This is guaranteed allocation rounds, you don’t have to rush. You’ll have ample time to purchase your allocation.
  • Only voters (excluding those on the white list) are eligible for this phase.
  • The allocation for Booster 2 is determined by the leftover tokens from Booster 1 that were not sold.
  • This is guaranteed allocation rounds, you don’t have to rush. You’ll have ample time to purchase your allocation.
  • The round is accessible to all participants who’ve staked a minimum of 100 $KOM.
  • The process operates on a ‘First-Come, First-Served’ basis.
  • The minimum and maximum ticket size will be calculated once the Booster 2 rounds have concluded.
  • Please note that a 3% non-refundable fee will be applied to your purchase amount in this round.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate (both stakers and non-stakers).
  • This round only takes place if there are remaining tokens from the Booster 3 round.
  • The allocation is based on the ‘First-Come, First-Served’ principle.
  • Booster 4 rounds remain open until all tokens are sold out or until the day prior to the token listing.
  • Please note that a 5% non-refundable fee will be applied to your purchase amount in this round.

Follow these steps to embark on an exhilarating journey with VinuChain!

Do you want to boost your earnings effortlessly? Join VinuChain Vote, Share, and Buy Campaign and Airdrop here!


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