Blockchain Infrastructure Developer Securrency Acquired by DTCC

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DTCC is set to bolster its influence in the evolution of digital asset clearance solutions with the assistance of Securrency. In 2022, DTCC successfully settled an astounding $2.5 quadrillion in securities transactions.

In a significant development, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has inked a contract to acquire Securrency, a pioneering digital asset infrastructure developer. This strategic acquisition will empower DTCC to gradually integrate digital assets into its existing suite of products and services. While the precise terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, the transaction is anticipated to conclude within the next few weeks.

Securrency is poised for a rebranding, assuming the name DTCC Digital Assets, and its senior management, along with approximately 100 employees, will continue to be integral to the company’s operations. Noteworthy is the fact that Securrency had garnered support from prominent entities such as State Street, U.S. Bank, WisdomTree, and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners. Furthermore, it had forged strategic partnerships with cybersecurity and digital asset custodian GK8. DTCC’s President, CEO, and Director, Frank La Salla, expressed the following sentiment:

“By fusing DTCC’s extensive network of financial market participants with the advanced capabilities of Securrency’s technology, we are positioning ourselves as leaders in harnessing the value of digital assets.”

DTCC’s plans extend beyond this acquisition; they also include the licensing of Securrency’s technology and the provision of professional services, as outlined in the official statement. The organization is committed to promoting Securrency’s interoperability among various distributed ledger solutions. WisdomTree is already utilizing Securrency’s software in its WisdomTree Prime digital asset platform.

DTCC, renowned as the largest clearing and settlement service provider in the United States, boasts subsidiaries worldwide. Remarkably, DTCC and its subsidiary entities facilitated an astonishing $2.5 quadrillion in securities settlements during 2022. The depository subsidiary, in particular, offered custodial and asset servicing solutions for securities issued by entities in over 150 countries and territories, with a combined value exceeding $72 trillion.

It’s worth noting that DTCC isn’t a newcomer to the world of blockchain technology, having entered the space back in 2020. In a notable collaboration in December, DTCC partnered with the Digital Dollar Project on a pilot project for securities settlement. This initiative leveraged a simulated digital dollar to conduct transactions involving tokenized securities with T2, T1, and T0 settlements.

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