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On the 20th of October, the Ethereum layer-2 Base network introduced an intensive eight-week training initiative, known as “Base Bootcamp.” This pioneering program is tailored to transform conventional software developers into adept blockchain developers. An interesting facet of this offering is that it’s absolutely cost-free. However, it is exclusively designed for individuals in the realm of software engineering at mid to senior levels. Aspiring students must undertake a comprehensive application process and secure their spot through acceptance. Each “cohort” will be limited to fewer than 20 students, and applications will cease to be accepted on the 27th of October, as stipulated in the announcement.

Base underscores the necessity of this program by emphasizing the prevailing dearth of software developers well-versed in crafting Web3 applications. According to their statement, there are presently less than 30,000 onchain developers in contrast to the nearly 30 million software developers worldwide. This stark discrepancy highlights that a mere 0.1% of software developers are actively engaged in the Web3 sphere.

Base had previously launched an online training program christened “Base Camp” earlier this year, which was accessible to all. However, recognizing the intricate nature of acquiring a complex new skill independently, they determined that this was insufficient. Base Bootcamp is conceived to offer robust support to developers who prefer not to traverse this learning journey in isolation.

The structure of Base Bootcamp is designed to be inclusive and interactive. Each student will be paired with a dedicated mentor, with weekly meetings to nurture their growth. Access to a select group of Coinbase and Base engineers, who will be available during specified office hours for addressing queries, will be granted. The creation of a private Discord server is in the pipeline, fostering seamless communication among students as well as between students and Base engineers. In addition, students will be entrusted with supplemental assignments, assessed by members of the program’s team. Upon the culmination of the program, students will be tasked with conceptualizing and presenting their own Web3 application.

It’s noteworthy that the program is exempt from tuition fees. However, to affirm their commitment, students are required to provide a deposit of 1 Ether (ETH), equivalent to $1,609 at the time of enrollment. This deposit will be duly returned upon successful program completion.

The scarcity of proficient Web3 developers has emerged as a prominent challenge within the industry. Suggestions have arisen, such as introducing Web3 development into high school curriculums by Australian educators, as a means to address this issue. Concurrently, various companies have endeavored to simplify Web3 development through innovative tools. For instance, Circle recently unveiled a suite of tools designed to enable developers to deploy contracts using familiar Web2 methodologies.

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