Thai Cryptocurrency Tarot Forecast – Predicting Market Trends

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In a curious twist of fortune-telling, a Thai seer once claimed to have foreseen the cryptocurrency market’s resurgence last year, attributing their insights to divine guidance from the god of the afterlife.

Cryptocurrency and stock investors have always sought out unique and at times eccentric methods to predict the fluctuations in market trends. Some suggest that our subconscious minds hold the power of premonition, enabling us to foresee stock market shifts through our dreams. Conversely, others are now turning to the wisdom of artificial intelligence chatbots for counsel.

However, in Thailand, an intriguing phenomenon has emerged, as a growing cohort of investors is turning to mysticism and astrology to forecast market trajectories, including those of cryptocurrencies. This trend came to the forefront through a Reddit post on the r/cryptocurrency forum.

One astrologer, known as “Pimfah,” commands a Facebook group of 160,000 members, where individuals request and exchange tarot card readings, some even seeking guidance on how these readings may impact the cryptocurrency market.

Another self-proclaimed fortune teller, Ajarn Ton, has amassed nearly 26,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has posted hundreds of videos in an attempt to predict the prices of various cryptocurrencies, all through the lens of astrology. Ton’s most recent prediction centers around the resurgence of Terraform Labs’ crypto, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), with expectations of a monumental surge of almost 50,000%, speculating it might reach $0.029. Presently, it lingers at less than $0.000055.

Interestingly, some of these divinations have, on occasion, manifested with a degree of accuracy. In early 2023, a prominent fortune teller, Mor Plai, gained local attention when her August 2022 prediction foretelling a cryptocurrency market recovery starting that November proved to be somewhat accurate, with the exception of the crypto downturn following FTX’s collapse.

Nevertheless, skepticism abounds among the readers of the Reddit post regarding the credibility of these divinations. One Redditor commented, “Produce enough vague predictions, and eventually, you’ll be right.” Another joked, “If a hamster can outperform most adults, I don’t see why we shouldn’t give astrology a try.”

Yet, while such spiritual beliefs might raise eyebrows in the Western world, they are anything but unusual in predominantly Buddhist Thailand. A September Pew Research report revealed that just over 80% of surveyed Thais hold beliefs in deities, spirits, and nearly half of them believe in the influence of spells, curses, or other forms of magic on people’s lives.

Even in Western regions, self-proclaimed astrologers have sought to harness celestial signals to predict cryptocurrency price movements. During the 2021 cryptocurrency bull market, the American-born TikTok astrologer Maren Altman attracted a massive following, with millions of individuals relying on her astrology-backed Bitcoin price forecasts. In an interview with “Magazine” in January, Altman affirmed her familiarity with financial astrology, explaining that it made perfect sense to apply it to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Didi Taihuttu, a Dutch-born Bitcoin enthusiast and patriarch of the “Bitcoin family,” known for selling all their assets in 2017 to live off Bitcoin, has a unique market indicator. This indicator considers lunar cycles in conjunction with directional trading data to identify opportune moments for Bitcoin purchases and sales.

One Redditor has pondered the intriguing notion of an indirect link between astrology and price fluctuations. The belief in astrology, they suggest, could potentially influence traders to act in accordance with their astrological forecasts, thus triggering a self-fulfilling prophecy of price shifts.

As for the future of Bitcoin, a crypto-focused astrologer using the pseudonym “Crypto Damus” recently posted on Oct. 18 on X (formerly Twitter), predicting, “Mars is aligning favorably with [Bitcoin’s] natal Mars over the next several days (with Mercury cazimi),” which presumably suggests strength and a market upswing. However, they also noted that the “transit of Mars in Scorpio hasn’t been particularly favorable for BTC,” though the exact implications of this observation remain open to interpretation.

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