Google Cloud Integrates Solana for BigQuery Data Analytics

Google Cloud recently announced the integration of the Solana network with its BigQuery data analytics tool as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance support for blockchain systems. This would give them easy access to Solana-based data.

Solana is now integrated into Google Cloud’s BigQuery Data Analytics Service

According to an official announcement, the integration of Solana into BigQuery was first presented at Breakpoint 2022 in Lisbon and is intended to deliver advanced blockchain analytics. As previously announced, Google Cloud Web 3.0 head Nalin Mittal expected Solana support to be operational by Q1. Solana Foundation executive director Dan Albert commented on the development:

“The team at Google Cloud was committed to doing this right before going live and therefore needed more time to finalize the dataset and make sure it captures a comprehensive overview of what is happening on-chain.”

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse, complete with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence capabilities. This further enables users to query large databases with ease.

According to Albert, the Solana ecosystem is rapidly expanding, producing a multitude of new innovations, data, and insights on a regular basis. With such rapid expansion, there is an increasing need within the Solana community and the broader Web 3.0 sector for quick and easy access to the abundance of insights and data generated on our network. Solana’s collaboration with Google Cloud will improve network accessibility, transparency, and openness.

This accessibility extends to a wide range of users, including developers, enterprises, and ordinary users, who can query Solana data to get answers to complex queries about transactions, NFT minting, wallet operations, and other topics, as explained by the Solana Foundation.

Solana-BigQuery Integration Use Cases

The incorporation of large datasets into Google BigQuery has the potential to increase the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies, particularly among traditional Web 2.0 organizations and financial institutions. The integration would be a first step in assisting these businesses in better understanding the capabilities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This information can help businesses make more informed decisions about how to implement blockchain into their business models by providing insights into customer behavior and Web 3.0 technology adoption. It also assists Web 3.0 developers by enabling extensive research and analysis beyond basic SQL queries through the use of tools such as Google Colab notebooks. This integration allows for a more in-depth analysis of network activity within the Solana ecosystem, as well as the generation of useful graphics to portray such data.

Floor, a Multichain NFT application, was one of the early adopters of the Solana integration, offering up new use cases. This interface makes it easier to move data from Solana NFT sales and listings to the BigQuery platform.

NFT data has always faced issues in terms of accessibility and comprehensibility for the typical user in the Solana ecosystem, often being limited to high-level information. This connection enables analysts and users to obtain deeper insights into the dynamics of Solana NFTs, providing a more comprehensive view of their operations, by exploiting publicly accessible on-chain data, particularly sales data, and combining it with Floor’s exclusive insights.

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