Bitcoin Network Fees 1,400% Ordinals Inscriptions Blockchain

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Bitcoin (BTC) network fees are seeing a massive surge in November as demand for ordinals floods the leading blockchain.

Data from finds that BTC’s transaction fees skyrocketed from $779,549 at the start of the month to a peak of $11.63 million on November 17th, an increase of 1,391%.

The number has slightly retracted and is hovering around the $11.559 million mark.

Bitcoin ordinals allow users to inscribe digital assets such as images and videos to a single satoshi, or an individual unit of BTC, to create the equivalent non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the crypto king’s network.

Data from blockchain tracker Dune Analytics finds that ordinals have dominated BTC’s transactions.

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According to Dune, the overwhelming majority of BTC transactions during November involved ordinals, particularly ones that embedded text onto satoshis, the lowest denomination of the top crypto asset by market cap.

Dune also reveals there have been 41,666,862 ordinal inscriptions to date generating fees of 2,809.5313 in BTC worth $102,901 million at time of writing.

Earlier this week, widely followed crypto analyst The Flow Horse said that Ordinals (ORDI), the token associated with BTC’s ordinal protocol, is showing signs that it will continue its bullish momentum.

“[ORDI] looks like it is going to put in another leg up. ORDI is remaining lifted and is a new pair breaking out of what is its first consolidation with no flashing warning signs of overheating.”

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ORDI is trading for $23.80 at time of writing, a 4.75% increase during the last 24 hours while BTC is moving for $36,704, a fractional increase during the same time frame.

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