Proof of Security Summit’23 – India by SolidityScan

In the heart of India’s dynamic Silicon Valley, where innovation pulses through the streets and every corner tells a tale of technological prowess, Bangalore plays host to an event that promises to reshape the very foundation of Web3 Security. Welcome to the “Proof of Security – Summit’23 by SolidityScan,” a convergence of Web3 visionaries, thought leaders, and experts poised to revolutionise the Web3 Security landscape, all within the dynamic backdrop of ETH India 2023. As the sun sets over the Garden City, ushering in December, Bangalore’s vibrant energy seamlessly blends with the cutting-edge discussions and breakthroughs anticipated at this extraordinary Summit.

At its core, the Proof of Security is a community-centric platform, dedicated to amplifying security dialogues within the developer and security research circles initiated by SolidityScan. This platform serves as a vital learning forum for developers, security researchers and Web3 enthusiasts to converge, share insights, glean from one another, and synergize their endeavours in confronting the perpetually shifting security hurdles within the Web3 Security realm.

Introducing the Proof of Security Summit ’23, a dynamic hybrid affair that effortlessly weaves together a conference, hackathon, and a series of technical workshops. In this all-encompassing event, participants can anticipate enlightening discussions led by eminent figures in smart contract security, blockchain security, and Web3 security.

Proof of Security Hackathon by SolidityScan, unfurls an enthralling two-week challenge, beckoning participants to forge pioneering solutions for the ever-evolving Web3 security landscape. This inclusive event extends its arms to participants of all levels of expertise, from newcomers exploring their potential to seasoned veterans in development and security research.

Hackathon Highlights

The hackathon comprises two distinctive tracks:

  • Implementation of Security Layer: Participants will get a SolidityScan API, allowing them to build anything by adding SolidityScan as a security layer.
  • Race to Fortify Security: Contestants are encouraged to conceive innovative solutions to surmount the challenges posed by Web3 security.

SolidityScan, the pioneering Web3 security platform by CredShields, is delighted to announce its role as the host for the Proof of Security Summit’23 – India. This global initiative, in partnership with Airchains, a modular ZK Rollup SDK that ensures better scalability, aims to champion the cause of Web3 security. The summit is scheduled to take in December’23, Bengaluru in India, expected to draw more than 500 participants, including developers, cybersecurity experts, investors, and protocol enthusiasts.

Immerse in Web3 security at Proof of Security Summit’23 India. Connect with experts, gain insights, and dive into hands-on workshops, hackathons, and collaborations to address emerging security challenges. Don’t miss out!





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