Wells Fargo Refuses To Reimburse Customer After $14,000 Exits Account

A family in Atlanta says thousands of dollars in their Wells Fargo account has vanished – and the banking giant says reimbursement is not happening.

The Pischke family lost about $14,000 after receiving an alert from Wells Fargo that their account was flashing suspicious activity, reports the ABC-affiliated news station WSB-TV.

The account’s transaction history shows that three transfers were made to a Mercedes Benz Financial Services account, indicating someone bought a flashy car. But the family says they do not own a Mercedes nor did they authorize the withdrawals.

Wells Fargo, however, has a different take on the matter.

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As stated in a Wells Fargo letter sent to the Pischkes,

“It was determined the transactions were authorized by you or someone you authorized. We have closed your claim.”

In an effort to recoup their funds, the Pischkes filed a police report, sent paperwork to Wells Fargo and contacted Mercedes. Even after going through the proper channels, the Pischkes say the lender still refuses to reimburse the lost funds.

“They said, ‘That doesn’t make any difference. It’s still your wife is the one that actually did the transactions.’

Now, I’ve been married for 42 years. I would know if my wife would do something like that. And she doesn’t have a Mercedes in the garage either or anywhere else.”

WSB-TV touched base with Wells Fargo to get the lender’s side of the story. In a statement, Wells Fargo says it is standing by the decision not to make the Pischkes whole.

“While we can’t discuss the specifics of this customer’s situation for privacy and confidentiality reasons, we can confirm that we thoroughly researched the matter, and the evidence supports our decision.”

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