FaZe Banks Crypto Investments Instagram Encourages Followers

Richard ‘FaZe Banks’ Bengtson, CEO and co-founder of esports organization and lifestyle brand FaZe Clan, has recently shared his latest crypto purchases on Instagram.

“Don’t be my typical normie homie and call me asking for plays a year from now when the mainstream media and your mom [are] talking about crypto again.”

FaZe Bank also urged his 2.8 million followers to invest in cryptocurrencies. “Expose yourself now,” Banks continued in a post evangelizing crypto and arguing that potential buyers should look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

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Banks revealed that a large percentage of his net worth is in Ethereum. He also claimed that he recently spent $200,000 on four altcoins: Prime, Pepe, Mog, and Clouds, the last of which has not yet been officially released.

“BTC is the safest, ETH is about as safe with slightly more upside in my opinion. My personal favorite. A large percentage of my net worth is in Ethereum,” Banks wrote, adding that in his view, Solana is the “riskiest” of the three cryptocurrencies.

My money is definitely where my mouth is on this one. Buy it and leave it alone. Chill,” he added.

However, it is important for fans to be cautious when taking financial advice from influencers or celebrities they follow online, as their motivations for promoting a cryptocurrency or financial asset may not always be clear.

FaZe Banks has been involved in the crypto space for years, with a wallet connected to him holding various NFTs from different collections. 

Despite his enthusiasm for crypto and NFTs, not all members of FaZe Clan share the same view. FaZe Kalei, the organization’s only current female member, has expressed her disinterest in NFTs and crypto, stating that she stays far away from it.

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“I’m Hoping I Don’t Get Kicked,” FaZe Kalei said on the Future of FaZe Clan, Call of Duty, and ‘Eboys’

“As a community, everybody hates NFTs,” FaZe Kalei said of gamers. “It’s your money, do whatever, but I don’t care for NFTs. I don’t do crypto, I don’t do any of that. I stay so far away from it.”

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